What a year, what a year. I really think this year took us by surprise in all aspects of life. I must say 2020 has been interesting for us… in a good way. Why I say “interesting” is because we basically all came home, under one roof, unexpectedly, but yet it was a dream of mine. 

Last year, my husband commuted to work and I would not see him until late evenings because the commute was about 30 minutes and sometimes there would be traffic, extended meetings, and such. Now, though he is still working, he is home. I can see him, we can have lunch together and talk about our days. It’s such a delight.

Our biggest problem though with everyone being home was my kids needed separate spaces for virtual school. Our home was not set-up for 3 people to work remotely from home. Especially for a whole year. But we made it work. 

All in all, 2020 was great, our businesses did well, I was able to pick up extra work during the pandemic, and was able to work partially on-line. But most of all we made the most of every moment. I wanted to share with you all our highlights.


We didn’t travel as much as we wanted to this year, actually we had to cancel our travel plans in the beginning of this year. We waited and waited until we finally decided to take a road trip. We had the pleasure of doing a summer trip in North Carolina. And.we.loved.it. We got to hike, walk around the city, visit friends, and more. I can say that after visiting many states, I really enjoy North Carolina.


Since the kids were home I really wanted to place them in an after school program or a disciplinary sport. With the help of my dear sister, they were able to join a karate program that we thoroughly enjoy. We also had a great time having a big company come into our home and take pictures of my husband modeling. It was such a joy to see and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. Good thing our home was updated enough. I also was able to work with several families on budgeting and working on their finances. It was so great.


It was the year to get the job done for the Court house. We started with scraping all the popcorn off the ceiling. My husband helped in this process. Then once that was done, we tackled the kitchen. We helped with that process as well. After, it was off to the floors. We laid down floors in one room and decided that it was not for us, so we hired someone to finish out the rest of the house. We then plan to update the bathrooms (which is still in progress, but it’s getting done). We are happy with what we have so far and it has given us confidence of tackling more home projects in the future.

I thank God for this year…and the next in advance.

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.

-Simply St Louis