Hey everyone!

I’m so happy to finally share our Ikea kitchen renovation. If you follow me on instagram, @simplystlouis, I have posted some pictures of the kitchen progress. I decided to use Ikea kitchen cabinets because our kitchen is not big. It’s less than the standard 10×10 ft kitchen. Ikea furniture is known for small space solutions and getting the maximum out of the minimum.

I wanted to share with you some pictures of what the kitchen looked like back then. This was our kitchen when we bought our home 10 years ago.

Over time, we updated the kitchen with some very inexpensive DIY like epoxy countertops and wood trim, but over time the kitchen started to deteriorate.

Once we saved enough cash, my husband and I started taking the kitchen apart, cabinet by cabinet, door by door. We saved so much cost by doing the demolition ourselves and hiring a handyman instead of contractors, to do the work we could not.

Here is a progress shot:

To see the after, please watch my video on youtube. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe.

Until next time…