Hi everyone!

Please forgive me for my absence, it has been a hectic couple of months. Let me give you a back story.

My husband and I decided to start traveling a couple of years ago not only to see different states and areas, but to find a place that we can see ourselves staying for a long time. We have always had a desire to live in another state besides Florida.

We have visited Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, California, and North Carolina. When we arrived to North Carolina, we knew it was the place for us. The scenes, the fresh air, the schools, the trees, it spoke to us.

From there, we pretty much stopped all our efforts on trying to buy a new house in Florida, and focused our efforts on moving to North Carolina.

When we visited NC, We traveled to three main areas to get a feel of each city. We spent a couple of days in Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

I really liked Asheville, it was absolutely beautiful. The mountains, the horses, the fresh air and open spaces. To be honest, it would be a dream to stay there, my only concern was that I felt the town was not very kid friendly. I didn’t see that there were many activities for kids.

The next stop was Charlotte. Charlotte is so vibrant, there were so many things to do, the people were nice, there is so much culture there. We liked the area as well. The only concern I had was I felt like it was too busy, like south Florida. I wanted a change from it.

Our final stop was Raleigh, the capitol of NC. We liked that it had a small town feel but in a big city. We liked that the different towns surrounding the city center were accessible and had many amenities and dining within those areas. We really liked how there were many Universities and colleges around the area.

Our choice to out of the three cities was Raleigh. And we couldn’t be happier.

Since January of 2021 to May, we have been decluttering, fixing, packing and so much more. We have decided to keep our home in Florida because we have family and friends there, and we need to go back from time to time.

In May, we moved to Raleigh. The whole moving process was such a flow. Nothing was broken, missing, or lost. I will be writing a post on moving tips and moving with kids.

Thank you for your continual support as we have made a big life change, but for the better.

Until next time…