Who wants to have better organization practices, um…I do. I’ve noticed that when my house is organized, my household is happy. The reason is because everything has a place.

As we have been renovating the house and repainting, we took out the old closet from our kids bedroom. Previously, our kids had a regular horizontal, metal closet and I placed a plastic storage drawer underneath the closet rod. The drawer in their room was something I needed temporarily. Well temporary became 8 years.

It’s hilarious because I even tried to label each drawer as if that would help.

I pondered on this closet because I have two kids sharing this room and the room is not very big. I wanted to maximize as much space as I can. Usually if a space is lacking in size then the best thing to do is go vertical.

As I was looking at storage solutions, I went to my go-to store for small spaces, Ikea. At first, I was going to use a Pax wardrobe system, but then I came across a newer drawer system called Nordli.

What I like about this drawer system is that it is completely modular, you can customize it, it has soft drawer closure, and it comes in two basic colors black and white. I was happy when I was able to see that the dimensions would fit inside our standard closet.

Norli comes in different sizes, with different drawer widths. I chose the two-drawer system and a chest. We made sure to plan carefully the closet layout. So my husband made a simple rendering on photoshop to make sure everything would fit properly.

Once we bought the Nordli system, we bought two 4 ft by 8 ft MDF sheets for the closet frame and wooden closet rods.

Ikea does sell a base for the Nordli system, but the cost was too much for us, we had some scrap wood, so we built the base ourselves.

The Nordli units stack on top of each other for an easy set-up. There is even strips on the back of the dresser to secure to the wall if needed.

We already painted the MDF sheets and we had to notch out a piece in the pack to accommodate the tall baseboards. Before we attached the MDF with screws, it was dry fitted.

My husband cut another piece of the MDF for the top shelf. As you can see, the shelf needed extra support.

We added small strips of scrap wood to support the top shelf and brackets. We could not find white brackets at the home improvement store so we spray painted it white to blend in with the closet color. We proceeded to add dowels and closet rod hardware plus a small top base to the top drawer.

Here is the final product with children clothes. As you can see, they are a fan of pink.

Here is the cost breakdown for this simple weekend project:

2 MDF sheets– $60

2 Ikea Nordli 2 drawer chest– $100

1 Ikea Nordli chest– $40

2 wooden dowels– $6.28

4 closet pole sockets– $24

Paint and primer- free (had extra)

Total= $230.28 not including tax

We enjoyed working on this project and I hope it inspires you to tackle some organization projects.

Until next time…