Here we go again with another project on a budget. This kitchen would probably receive a lot of wear and tear over the years, so we had to make sure this update would not only be cost effective, but also durable.

So let me show you what we were working with. It’s probably hard to see, but some of the cabinet doors were warped from water damage. Also there was oil grease stains on almost all surfaces. This kitchen needed a good clean before we could do anything.

We made a check list of what we would need to do. We had to replace some cabinet doors, the appliances definitely had to go, and we wanted to add certain small details that would create a big impact like hardware.

First things first, we went to the home improvement store and had the associates cut 5/8 inch plywood sheets to the size of the damage cabinets. We had about 4 damaged cabinets in total. Then we painted the cabinets in Behr’s oil based paint in white.

This stuff smells but its very durable when fully cured. After we painted our cabinets, I scratched it, had water fall on it, and the color and finish were still as impeccable as when we first painted. We also went to our local used appliance store and got a great deal on replacing the appliances for a low price and great warranty. Here are the cabinets after painting. Please keep in mind that oil based paints yellow over time, our cabinets currently look more off-white.

Across the kitchen cabinets is an open pantry and it had wire shelves. We thought it would look great open but with wood shelves instead. We cut the wood to size and added trim to give a more seamless look. We looked for a stain that closely matched the countertops for consistency and found it here.

Then we added hardware. We got these pulls from amazon. But we knew something was missing. We were not completely satisfied yet. We needed one more thing.

After searching on Pinterest and various resources, we wanted to add a backsplash, but on a budget of course. So we got peel and stick since we saw such great reviews on them.

It looked much better. All that remained were minor details like replacing the faucet, outlets, and light fixture. Here is the before and after:

All for under $1500 dollars. Here is the price breakdown:

Used Appliances (Fridge, range, and dishwasher)- $1000

Oil based paint (similar)- $29.98

Matte black pulls– $45

Wood shelves – $45

Wood stain– $8.98

Peel and stick tile– $100

Ceiling light– $49.99

Faucet– $32.99

Total- $1311.94 (tax not included)

You can update your space on a budget whether you are renting or purchased a home. Make the space reflect you.

How will you be updating your kitchen?