As I write this post, I am greatly humbled that Talaat and Tai McNeely, the founders of the His and Her Money Show, allowed us to be part of their podcast.

We’ve been following the show since 2014, what stood out to us is that even though they were transparent about their debt free journey, they also interviewed others about their journey to financial freedom and building wealth.

Most of us who are on this road of being financially free, have different paths but strive to reach one common goal. One person may have multiple side hustles to bring in extra funds or another may buy property to get enough cash flow to finance their future. Everyone’s story is different but yet inspiring.

It was such a great experience to talk through our journey of debt freedom. The McNeely’s are such a blessing to us with all the content and information they give out and I hope they can be a blessing to you. Please watch the video below to hear our story of debt freedom.

Until next time, live simply, so you can simply live.