Hey everyone, I hope you are staying safe out there.

It has been about 2 months since our family has been working, schooling, and staying home. It’s almost unbelievable that nations and countries have been put on halt and we are all experiencing this together.

Currently, places are slowly opening up their stores and shops but are required to follow strict guidelines and practices. We as the public, for the most part, are still required to wear face mask as we enter into these places.

In every situation, whether good or bad, we try to see what lessons can be learned or taught. So we took some time to reflect and this is what we’ve learned through this pandemic.

We like being home

Besides saving a bunch of money on gas and tolls, we like the fact that we could sleep in a little later and go to bed a bit later because we don’t have to drive to work/school but walk to our computer. I must admit, in the beginning of us all being home, there were many changes we had to make. Each family member had to find a station to do their work free of distractions. I had to increase my food budget since everyone was home and I have a messier home. But all in all, we like each other’s company. We truly have been working like a unit.

We see the importance of supporting local businesses

We make it appoint to do take out or delivery at our local restaurants every week. Why, because many businesses are hurting and many had to closed their doors permanently. We already have a budget to eat out once a week so this is not hurting us financially. Not only do we get to try new foods but we have the opportunity to put money back into our communities, that’s a win-win.

We get “out” more

What I mean by going out is driving around different neighborhoods or driving to a scenic area like the beach and admire it all from the comforts of our car. My kids and I also like to take nature walks were we walk to our local pond and find and identify every type creature along the way. My kids make tents in the porch as they read or watch their favorite shows.

We learned to adjust

We’ve made many adjustments. As I mentioned before, we liked everyone being home but we weren’t used to everyone being home. All of a sudden all of the computers were occupied. Some meetings and zoom calls had to be done in the porch. We adjusted to not getting items right away. No more 2-day shipping. Waiting in long lines at the grocery store became my norm. But through it all we practiced our patience by being gracious towards one another and others. I have had the best conversation with people at the grocery line.

I hope during and after all this is over, we as a society don’t forget to honor and pray for those on the front lines. They have been and will continue to be heroes.

So tell me, what have you learned during this pandemic?

Until next time…