In August, I had this goal with my husband to see if we can at least make a $1 extra a day…from home. I wanted to do it for fun- but also to see what’s out there for people who want to make a bit “extra” for whatever needs they have. I decided to start off with a small amount to see if I can be consistent. So I researched and looked at what others were doing to earn a few bucks. I tried a lot of things online. Some were fun and some were too time-consuming. But once I got into the groove of things, I realized that I can bump it up a notch. So I went from $1 a day to $5. For about 3 weeks, I kept it consistent and I met my goals. I decided to do more and commit to $10/day. Here were my requirements for choosing these platforms; I wanted to get paid via PayPal, have an easy application/hiring process, be able to work in the evenings from home and make sure I would get some consistency with making money. Going straight into it, here are my top platforms for earning at least $10/day.


If you can spare 15-20 minutes to test a site, blog, or an app, this is for you and you get $10 for your time. What I enjoy most about this is I get to see what people and businesses are working on and their ideas. The big moment for me was when I got paid $30 for 30 minutes of sitting down with some executives on a new product they were about to launch (It was like a skype call, but I didn’t show my face). Usertesting can be downloaded on your pc or phone and pays you out 7 days after completing a task to your PayPal account. All you have to do is log into the site where tests are readily available. You will be screened for most test to see if you qualify, but it’s ok if you don’t there are many tests out there for me and you. You must make sure that you read the questions out loud and give your thoughts about the products audibly because you will get rated. If something comes up while you’re reviewing a test, you can pause and resume the test. Other sites similar to Usertesting that I am also apart of is Intellizoom and TestingTime (These platforms are by email invite only). Click this link if interested.

Where do the funds go: I was putting it into our business account for a while, but we recently had a project come in, so now I’m replenishing our medical account since it was used up from giving birth. I talk about ways to pay medical bills without getting into debt here if interested.

Survey Junkie

I must admit, I was really skeptical about surveys. My idea of a survey is sitting in front of the computer for an hour and being reimbursed for 5 cents. After trying out some sites, I really liked Survey Junkie. Most surveys I come across are about 75 to 120 points which equate to $0.75-1.20. You even get points if you don’t qualify for a survey which is what I like (I typically do surveys from So I can do about 8-10 surveys a day ranging from 10-20 minutes and I meet my goal. Once you reach a minimum of $10, you can transfer your funds to PayPal or you can use gift cards. Do keep in mind that before you can cash out your money, a representative from the company needs to call you to verify you’re human, so you must add your phone number to your profile. I’m sure there are probably other great sites out there, but I have found this one to give me quick results and fast payout. Here is a link to sign up.

Where do the funds go: Annual magazine subscription,  Amazon Prime subscription, and misc.


Institutional Biosafety committee– If you are a health professional or scientist, this is a great committee to join. I joined last year and I get to review biological and medical research around my area. The only catch is it’s by invite only and you must have scientific knowledge and understand aspects of lab safety. I can’t disclose the company I’m contracted with, but if you do have a background in science, I would network with some colleagues or google some well-known IBC companies. I make about $150/month. Payment is via bank transfer.

Appen Global– Are you a social media junkie? Come on tell the truth. If you spend a lot of time on different social media platforms, then you should become a Social Media Evaluator. They pay you $10/hour to evaluate items on Social media like Facebook and Instagram. Though I am apart of Appen, I am currently not contracted with one of their companies but I do get paid for small random jobs here and there when available. You can be paid via PayPal.

If you are looking for ways to increase your savings, pay down your debt faster, give more, or start a retirement account, start here. How about shopping for the holidays? Would $300 a month help you this season? Again, explore what fits your lifestyle when choosing online options for some extra cash. After doing this for a while, I only “work” Mondays through Fridays because my weekends are for the family. I still make about $200 a month which is great.

What are some ways you plan on increasing your income from home?