Let’s continue this conversation from the previous post.


Diapers and wipes party: If you plan on having a baby shower, have a Diapers and Wipes Party. To be cautious, have guest buy sensitive type wipes and/or diapers. I did this and didn’t have to buy my children diapers and wipes for a whole year. I usually ask everyone to purchase mainly size 2 and 3 diapers because my kids tip the scale at birth. If you have a registry, you can easily distribute the diaper sizes according to your needs.

Cloth diapers: Yep, I do this. And I like it. When I want to conserve my disposable diapers, I use cloth. I only use cloth at home and never do this when I go out (I tried once and it was a disaster). I don’t have issues with leaks if I change the diapers regularly like a disposable. I use strong paper towels as my diaper lining and dispose of it in a small plastic bag. Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone, but if it is something you are interested in, I get unbleached pre-fold diapers from Green Mountains Diapers and Elemental all-in-one diapers from BumGenius.


Breastmilk: It’s a preference thing, but doing this not only benefits your child, but it also saves on formula cost. Only one child of mine tolerated breastfeeding, the others I had to pump. I did this method as long as I could before heading back to work. Most insurances will give you a pump to rent if needed. Just ask. I also know of mothers who are willing to donate their milk for free. It’s a matter of asking around and doing your research.

Buy store brand formulas: If breastfeeding is not an option, look into the store brand formula or go to Costco/BJ’s to get bulk prices. I went to Costco and my formula would last a while. Nowadays, I get my formula from Aldi’s for a fraction of the cost.

Make your own baby food: This is the easiest thing to do. Why buy 2 small jars for $1.00 when I can buy a bag of organic carrots for $1.49, steam and blend it to make a whole bowl of food? How about frozen peas, sweet potatoes, apples or avocado? It doesn’t take much of your time. I have also bought 6 pack organic applesauce (no sugar added) for less than $2.00 and fed it to my kids if I was short on time. I realized when I make my own food from home, my kids sleep better because it fills their tummy more than store bought.


Hand-me-downs: Either from a sibling, cousin or a friend’s child. People are always looking for a way to give their stuff away. Especially if they don’t plan on having more kids. I’m always looking to see who needs baby clothes before I donate to a thrift store. 

Thrift: Speaking of the thrift store, buy used. Your baby will probably wear their clothes 2 maybe 3 times since they grow so fast. I usually purchase baby clothes at the thrift store for about $0.50- $1.00 a piece. All have been in good condition. 

Make your own: If you have sewing abilities, the possibilities are endless.

No shoes: Babies can’t walk so I buy socks. Baby socks are so stylish these days and I can get a pack of 6, 8, or 10 for less $6.00. The socks expand as their little feet become bigger.

I hope this information was valuable to you.

How are you saving money with kid items?