Don’t you just love a clean home? It does something on the inside of you. For me, it makes me feel calm. Next to having a clean home, is having nice labels. Just because you have common ingredients, doesn’t mean the packaging can’t look nice.

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I wanted to approach my labels with a minimalistic font and design. After the labels were created, I went to the office supply store to purchase clear labels. I tested out the labels on a clear bottle I had and the label appeared cloudy. I wasn’t satisfied. So I search around and found a site that sells legit crystal clear labels. I requested a free sample sheet and didn’t have to pay for shipping costs. I tested the labels and they were clear. I had to increase the ink density about two shades darker to get my desired look. It can be purchased here.  I then proceeded to order glass spray bottles, which I got from Amazon. If you don’t need many bottles, I would suggest this set, if you need more, get these.

Now that my supplies are in place, I wanted to share with my top four cost-effective products that I use to clean all areas of my home. They are inexpensive, can be used for multiple purposes, and cleans surfaces really well. I do use other commercial cleaners, but I always find myself going back to my homemade stash. My top four cleaners: vinegar, dawn, baking soda, and bleach.


I’ve been using vinegar four about 3 years now and I haven’t looked back since. I use it almost everywhere in the house. My vinegar mix acts as an all-purpose cleaner. I clean the counters, mirrors, and cabinets with it. I have 2 different mixes that I use. One is putting 1 part dawn soap, 3 part vinegar, then 6 part water. The dawn helps to mask the smell of the vinegar. Another mix that I make is adding orange and clove essential oils to one part water and one part vinegar. When I add the oils, I shake it before use. It smells so good! In my location, I purchase a gallon of vinegar for $1 and it lasts me at least 3 months. 


Besides mixing this with vinegar, I use dawn to clean my tub and floors. I’ve used many dish soaps in the past but I always go back to Dawn for a deep clean. It truly cuts grease. I squeeze a small amount on a sponge to clean the tub. Since I’m on bended knees, I then proceed to scrub the tile floor before it is mopped. I can usually get a large 56 oz. bottle for about $5. The soap has lasted me 4 months.

Baking soda

I use baking soda as an abrasive and to neutralize odors. I sprinkle a bit of baking soda on my rugs, let it sit for a bit, then I vacuum it up. No need to buy the carpet deodorizers in stores, this works just fine. If you want to add a scent, just put baking soda in a container and add your favorite essential oil. Mix it thoroughly and sprinkle it on your carpets. I also use baking soda to clean my oven to remove stuck on food and shoes and as an all-purpose cleaner when mixed with water.. The cost for a small box of baking soda is about $0.49 and it lasts me 3 months


I know bleach is a bit taboo. Some people don’t want to mess with it because it’s not what one would consider a “green” product. I understand, but when I make my bleach sprays, a little truly goes a long way. I do about 1 part bleach to 8 part water. You can dilute it even more. I use a less expensive brand of bleach, so their concentration levels are not high. I use it to spray the toilets (because many unsightly things happen there) and in sanitizing the house when someone is sick.

This spray is for adults use only in our household. I buy a gallon of bleach for about $0.98. The bleach spray lasts me about 2 months due to its dual use for laundry.

Let’s take a look at how we can beautify our everyday cleaners.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

*The all-purpose and glass cleaners are commercial products that I had to use up. Once finished, I will add my own DIY mix.*

Click to download: Simply St Louis Cleaning Labels

Well, there you have it, folks. Do you make your own cleaners, if so what are they?