You know I can’t leave out the ladies. In my previous post, I shared the holiday gift guide for men, now it’s time to turn our attention to our queens. All these items are budget-friendly and less than $50. 

  1. Rose chocolate bar– Wine + chocolate, need I say more- $10
  2. Hydrating face mist– This is good for all skin types and refreshes the skin- $32
  3. Satin lined cap– She can wear this on the go and when she sleeps. All while her hair is protected- $20 (on sale)
  4. Yankee candle– I’ve tried many candles brands, but there is something about Yankee candles that just fills my whole house with a wonderful aroma- $20
  5. Sugar scrub– Made with natural ingredients and gently exfoliates rough skin- $13
  6. Himalayan salt lamp– This salt is good for you internally and externally. Plus it looks nice on a bedside table- $18
  7. Bar necklace– this necklace can be used for both casual and formal wear. Compliments many outfits- $24
  8. Make-up bag– classy and helps with organizing her stash of make-up when traveling- $30
  9. Makeup brush set– Helps cover minor imperfections- $45
  10. Journal- I believe is a must-have. Writing down thoughts, goals, and dreams needs a nice home- $16