Though I’ve gained a lot of weight with my first two daughters, I gained the most with my third baby. Sixty pounds to be exact. In the past, it would take about a year to get back to pre-pregnancy weight which was fine because I was in no rush. But after I had my third daughter, I knew I had to get back into shape quickly due to upcoming events. I had weddings to attend and traveling opportunities. I must admit though, the main reason I wanted to get back into shape- I promised myself that I would not buy any postpartum clothing. The frugality of it all!

Though many moms instantly shed 15-20 pounds after giving birth, many still struggle with those remaining pounds. I wanted to increase my metabolism a bit without starving myself or changing my diet completely. When I incorporated these methods below, I saw changes in my energy level and body.  This method is not just for moms, but for anyone who wants to shed some weight.  Here are 4 simple things I did that helped me. Best of all, they are little to no cost to you!

Consume green tea 5 days a week and drink plenty of water

I say consume because I know not everyone likes the bitter taste of green tea and that’s ok. You can get this product in the form of a capsule, powder, and tea bag. Did you know that green tea is full of health benefits? Here’s a few; it’s full of antioxidants, increases your metabolism, has anti-cancer properties and boosts your heart health. I would not buy green tea drinks that have high sugar content. I prefer to make it myself either hot or cold with honey. By drinking this tea, my energy has increased as well as my metabolism. I get my tea here. It can be hard to purposely drink water, so what I do is fill my water bottle with water and place it on my desk right in front of me. I remind myself to drink it periodically during the day.

Walk into shape with a fitness tracker or download a pedometer app

If you can imagine in the 1940’s or if you go to a 3rd world country, exercise is not stressed as much because most people walked. They walked to work, grocery stores, everywhere. I do enjoy the modern conveniences of transportation today but it has taken a toll on our health. It’s good to track your steps daily. It doesn’t have to cost you anything. If you have a smartphone, a pedometer app can be easily downloaded on your phone. Though I generally walk a lot, using a tracker helps me to stay on course and stick to a simple exercise routine. Most people have desk jobs, I do. What does that mean? Our behinds get more action than our feet. That had to change for me, so I got a Fitbit as a gift. I use a Fitbit to track my steps. For me, this is the best.thing.ever. For more information on the device, click here. My favorite feature is its ability to remind the user to move: if you sit too long it will vibrate. It also cheers you on when you’ve completed your step milestone, it’s like your personal cheerleader.

Reduce your carb intake

This one was tough for me. I like my bread and pasta. During my pregnancy, bread and butter was my staple. It also caused my weight to increase rapidly. I had to discipline myself to eat more veggies and when I did, my weight dramatically dropped. Especially around my midsection. You don’t have to eliminate it completely from your diet.  I know I didn’t. Start with eating smaller portions, or perhaps eating carbs during the weekends. Right now I am significantly reducing my portion size.

Workout from home or with a friend

Do you have a friend that can give you a free guest pass to their gym? Well call them up and plan a date. It’s a good time to catch up anyway. You get better results when you work out with someone rather than doing this on your own. Plus you all can keep each other accountable. Another option is to work out at home by dancing, boot camp, or strength training. Many times you don’t need any extra equipment just a TV screen or computer monitor to follow along. Remeber, just because you don’t see instant results, it doesn’t mean change in your body is not happening. Get your heart rate up and dance like no one’s watching. Whichever route you choose whether going to the gym with a buddy or learning African dance moves, both options are free.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What is your process?