We have made progress on updating our living room in our new home. First of all I must say that the supply chain issue is real…or maybe was real. I think it has gotten better over the past few months, but it took like 4 months to get some of our furniture delivered.

The wait was worth it though. When choosing furniture for our home, the main goal is to buy kid friendly pieces. If it’s wipeable, washable, low maintenance, then it’s for me. So let’s dive in.

To begin, we painted the room with a fresh coat of paint. We used Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore. This was my second time using a BM product and first time using it on a large scale. I must say, this is the BEST PAINT I’ve ever used. The coverage is impeccable. Stains on the wall can be easily wiped cleaned. It does cost more than other brands of paint, but if you are painting many rooms, get a 5 gallon bucket to cut on cost.

We didn’t take any pictures once we moved into the house, but I do have a picture of the home when it was listed (see below). Because this room does not receive tons of natural light, we wanted to lighten up the space by using some design tricks.

Thus painting the room a crisp white color and adding a large mirror to bounce the light. We wanted this room to have tone on tone colors. Basically making this space all neutral but adding natural elements like wood, jute, and other woven materials. Our couch and chairs are easy to clean and maintain. The chairs are from Levity Home and has removable covers. We bought some thrifted pieces like the stool and we DIYed the item next to the stool (its a broken vase we glued together and painted).

When deciding on a coffee table, we were looking for a different approach. We first envisioned a round coffee table, but thought the area would look too empty. Then we tried to imagine a two tiered coffee table, but thought it too common. So after looking around on Pinterest, we came across Plinth coffee tables. We really liked the look, but I didn’t like the price tag.

My husband and I searched Youtube University to see if we can build one ourselves. We took the dimensions of a model online and bought some 1×3’s and 1/4 inch plywood sheets. My husband built the frame of the coffee table and wrapped it with the plywood sheets.

A lot of sanding was involved. We took scrap pieces of plywood to see if we could find a color stain we really liked. We could not come to a decision. We didn’t want to paint it either. We really liked the natural wood grain, so we kept it as is. Maybe in the near future we may stain or white wash it, but for now, it’s holding up just fine. Just an FYI, we still have not upgraded our tools, this coffee table was built with a circular saw, sander, pocket jig and nail gun. We hope to buy a miter and table saw in the near future. Here is a closer shot of the “finished” product.

We wanted to keep the mantle pretty minimal. Having a large arched mirror was the staple piece for this area. We then added some accessories to fill the space.

We bought this fiddle leaf almost a year ago and it’s doing great. I’ve placed it in a few places around the house, and it likes this area near the window. We thrifted the magazine holder and bought the pillows at Target. The Article sofa is so comfortable. This is my first time purchasing a leather furniture and it feels great!

Overall, we are really pleased with our choices and I believe that these pieces are good for the long run. I’m looking forward to adding a little more decor as we enter into different seasons.

Until next time…